SWEEPERS - Total Rental

Total Rental
PHONE: 1-888-94TOTAL
Phoenixville: 610-935-RENT | Pottstown: 610-970-RENT | Kimberton: 610-935-4875
Total Rental
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What they're using
What our current customers are using to get their jobs done.
Lay-Mor 2A and 3C Walk Behind Sweeper
Lay-Mor 6HC Sweeper
Working Width: 6 ft
Length: 11.5 ft
Height: 7.8 ft
Weight: 3250 lb
Brush Rotation: 200 RPM
Width: 6.4 ft
Brush Diameter: 24 in
Sweeping Angle: 40 Degrees
Travel Speed: 6.5 mph
Hydraulic Capacity: 21 gal
Engine: Caterpillar
Lay-Mor 8HC Sweeper
Working Width 8 ft
Power Source Diesel
Power 31.5 hp
Length 11.5 ft
Height 7.8 ft
Weight 3350 lb
Brush Rotation 200 RPM
Width 8.2 ft
Brush Diameter 24 in
Sweeping Angle 40 Degrees
Travel Speed 6.5 mph
Hydraulic Capacity 21 gal
Engine Caterpillar
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